marketing is in charge

Marketing is the central function of business which defines a company’s identity, and locates its potential customer base. Regardless of the industry or size of the company, there are basic principles of marketing which can improve a company’s performance. Whether an organization has a marketing department or not, and regardless of how many people work in it, the more the company as a whole knows about what marketing is, how it works, and what it should be doing for the business, the more competitive that company will be.

Some people think of marketing as pouring over population statistics, conducting complex surveys, and analyzing return-on-investment scenarios. Others might think marketing is designing ad campaigns, brochures, and going to trade shows. In fact, marketing is all this and more. I like to define marketing as all activities involved in recognizing a product need, defining the need clearly, creating a product or service to fill that need, and promoting the product so consumers prefer that product for meeting the need.

That’s a very broad definition, and you might think it is too broad as every department of a company would be involved by that definition. Marketing done well does involve every department of a company, and to the extent that a company supports that philosophy, it’ll have an advantage over the competition. Marketing as a corporate department traditionally has two distinct sides to it: research and promotion. These two aspects ultimately come together to create a single marketing plan which involves every department in the successful execution of the company’s business.