is a site for a company which designs, manufactures, and sells capital equipment used in the manufacturing of semiconductors. Their focus is cleaning, rinsing, and drying of silicon wafers and other substrates, and have been an industry leader in these areas for decades.

the work

Marteq is a newly formed company from some of the assetts originally operated as Verteq, and subsequently bought by Submicron Systems. This site is the classic one-page “get something up now!” site to ensure Marteq’s existence and acquisition of the Verteq product lines are communicated. We managed to cram all the basic info about the products, services, and contacts along with a few downloads into a reasonably readable page.

my role

Come up with a quick design, and get ’er up. Since I worked at Verteq for 13 years as a sales engineer and then its marketing manager and wrote all the sales and marketing tools for a decade, it was pretty easy to whip something up. We’re looking forward to getting more work done on this project.

web projects:

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