Using launchd to Mount an AFP Share Point Upon Startup : May 02, 2012

Use launchd and a small shell script to auto mount an AFP upon startup without requiring a user login. Includes all the details no one else ever seems to write about.

Stop Looking up strftime Codes! : Dec 22, 2010

Stop looking up the strftime codes. Add custom methodsto Ruby’s Date and Time classes to express how you want the time displayed. Here... let me just show you what I mean.

myRails App Launcher : Apr 10, 2010

A ruby script to simplify managing the start/stop/restart control of Rails/Mongrel applications in development mode.

Custom Validations in Rails : Dec 11, 2007

Rails validations are nifty, but they can get pretty bulky and difficult to read. In this article we’ll look at how to counteract the bulk with custom validations that enable the use of class methods with clearer names like validates_as_person_name.

Using Subdomains in Rails Apps : Nov 14, 2007

This article will show you how to use URLs like instead of in your Rails application.

Compiling MySQL-Ruby for PowerPC : Oct 27, 2007

It turns out it was very hard to find instructions for getting MySQL-Ruby to work on a PowerPC mac with Tiger. So, here you go.

Modular Page Assembly in Rails : Oct 22, 2007

This article picks up where Agile Web Development with Rails leaves off in its discussion of views. I explain how to combine layouts, views, and partials into more sophisticated and modular systems.