i was drawn into marketing by the sheer logic of its purpose. Once I realized the full scope of marketing’s role, I was determined to convert my employer from a sales-driven company to a market-driven one. It took years, but they finally figured out I was right (well, that what I learned was right anyway).

marketing is in charge

Marketing is a function that should permeate every department in the company. Whether an organization has a separate marketing department or not, the more the company as a whole knows about what marketing is, how it works, and what it should be doing for the business, the more competitive that company will be. Read more.

recognizing market needs

The difference between what people want, and what they can actually get is always changing. Companies which recognize the shifts in trends, the resulting gaps, and then move to fill those gaps have a better foundation for becoming market leaders. Read more.

opportunity analysis

All opportunities are not equal, and those that are easiest to take, or have the highest potential profit are not necessarily the ones that will benefit the company the most. Opportunity analysis is essential to ensuring a company’s resources are most effectively used, and this job is a marketing function. Read more.

product development

A product is not merely the physical object produced. A product is the complete package of the goods, distribution, support, and branding. As such, each element of a company owns a unique perspective, experience, and contribution related to its products. It is marketing’s job to ensure that this entire view of the product is defined and supported. Read more.

awareness and preference

Before anyone will buy your product, they have to know it exists, and they have to believe that it suits their needs better than competing products. Building awareness and preference are the cornerstones of the promotional duties of marketing. Read more.

marketing communications

Marketing communications is about delivering product and company positioning and branding messages. Advertising, trade shows, brochures, presentations and more are all means for delivering these messages. The critical part is to make sure they’re coordinated. Read more.