it is my fortune to be driven by both left-brained and right-brained interests. As a result, my 25-year career has spanned corporate marketing, product management, industrial engineering, communications, and software development. I’ve worked from the factory floor to the preparation of IPOs. It’s been a diverse and interesting journey which has provided me a useful blend of skills and experiences. With those experiences, I now help small, mid-sized, and startup companies in two areas: to articulate their value, and improve their competitiveness through market-driven product development.

what i do

web programming / communications

  • web application architecture and programming
  • web site design and programming
  • sales presentations
  • product and corporate brochures
  • white papers and magazine articles
  • PPM, road show, prospectus packages

marketing / product management consulting

  • market-driven product management
  • multi-discipline product development
  • product life cycle planning
  • market strategy, branding, and positioning

why i get hired

I work mostly with internet and industrial technology companies. I spend most of my time programming, followed by creating brochures, presentations, trade show graphics, and writing white papers, PPMS, and even business plans.

Given my work history, I’m hired for a variety of rather different reasons. First, is simply for my experience in creating secure intranet web applications to help groups work more efficiently and make better decisions. Second, if I’m asked to create public web sites and/or sales tools, I’m often tasked to help discover and articulate the company’s value to its customers, then unify its messages online and in print. Third, the breadth of my experience, and my knack for relating well to all levels and disciplines within a company leads me to more business-oriented consulting such as positioning, branding, product life cycle planning, and how to integrate marketing and product development into a more effective process.

The ability to plug me into the bigger picture and glean insight from all areas of the company is what clients seem to value the most in my help. The advantage of this “finger in everything” involvement is that it helps the client focus all areas of the company on specific marketing plans and objectives. This cascades into making it easier to articulate the company’s value which ultimately helps them be more competitive.

who i work for

I work mostly with internet and industrial technology companies. They tend to be small enough with budgets and timelines where I can do most of the work myself. However, I will help find über-specialists if theres’s a need for more sophisticated skills than I have in a particular area, and I’ll manage the integration of all participants. As a corporate marketing manager I managed numerous people, vendors, and seven-figure budgets, so we’re good to go for even those larger, long term projects.

Youth Insight : Data aggregation and intranet site designed to help local government better serve children it has oversight for such as foster and at-risk youth. The app consolidates data from state, county, schools, and others. I've worked for Terben for years and am responsible for the development of the technology and products. Read more.

A startup intent on changing the entire business model for hotel reservations. I managed all development for this company, protoyped the search site and interfacing technology, and wrote all the b2b and admin code. I authored the company’s white paper, PPM, and many of the presentations. Read more. (Lack of funding has knocked Rezzline off the air. It's a shame really, it's a clever concept and was a great service.)

past projects

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early years

I started working as a shop hand in a small company. I earned the recognition of the owner, and got some engineering tutoring. That led to several years of engineering equipment for semiconductor companies. That led to sales engineering for several years. That led to handling marketing materials and trade shows. That led to corporate marketing for 10 years. I remained involved with product development as a technical and marketing resource during this time. Nineteen years in the semiconductor equipment industry in total. All the while, I kept my finger involved in software, writing programs for myself and others to use in engineering, sales, and product management. In the late 90's I wrote an extensive sales management application and took a crew of 20+ sales people whose high tech experience was text pagers and got them online. I started to focus on the web starting 1996, and in 2003 launched my software development and consulting business.

During my 20's, I designed everything you see in this equipment: the mechanicals, the plumbing, and the electrical control system. I often oversaw the installation of the big systems like this in the field. I also wrote software to help automate the design of the smaller systems like the one in the upper left. The software did all the engineering calcs, many mechanical dimension calcs, and generated parts lists. It helped take a multi-day project by hand and turn it into a 30-minute job.